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Summa Health Women’s Health Team – Caring for the Women of the Family, From Most Senior to Newest Arrival

“All things start with an idea. Summa has a unique connection with the community it serves, and this connection to the community has been the force sustaining the program,” said G. Dante Roulette, MD, chief of robotic surgery and OB/GYN physician with Summa Health Medical Group. This theme is shared by his colleagues, who together provide a comprehensive, robust women’s health care environment within Summa Health, all focused on a diverse Akron area and its surrounding communities

University Hospitals Completes First Evolut™ PRO+ Case in the World

UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute continues reputation as global leader in TAVR

Neurosurgeon Paul Hartzfeld, MD, Joins Western Reserve Hospital Physicians, Inc.

With common neurological disorders more prevalent among a growing and aging population and the demand for neurosurgeons driven by patient need, the number of practicing neurosurgeons is considered insufficient to meet the growing patient demand.

According to the American Board of...

WRHPI Vascular Surgery Adds Second Surgeon to Meet Growing Need

Jeffrey Stanley, DO, FACOS, and Nicole Ramon, DO, are members of Western Reserve Hospital Physicians Inc. (WRHPI) Vascular Surgery.

As our population of baby boomers continues to age, the potential for vascular disease increases. According to the National Institute on Aging, by 2020 this...

MACI: New Tool for Cartilage Repair

In the past 30 years, orthopaedic knee surgery has come a long way. With recent advancements in medicine and technology, it’s now possible to preserve a patient’s knee. The goal is to replace one’s own damaged areas with new, healthy cartilage — and not just replace damaged tissue with...

Summa Multidisciplinary Clinic: A New Approach to Comprehensive Cancer Care

(L-R) Summa Health Cancer Institute specialists Eric A. Espinal, MD, Brian D. Bauman, MD, Melanie A. Lynch, MD, and Gilbert D. Padula, MD

The management of cancer has become increasingly complex and complicated as the number of treatment options grows for patients with both early and...

Spine Disorders: Treat the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms

Traditional spine care focuses on medication, physical therapy, surgery, injections, and in some cases, manipulation therapy. However, recent studies have shown that treatment practices continue to move further away from accepted guidelines. Despite these evidence-based guidelines, many...

A View Of The Human Chronobiome

A group of researchers has identified and described rhythmic, time-regulated human physiological characteristics in a non-controlled setting — a finding with wide-ranging implications for precision medicine.

Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) for Ankle Arthritis

Ankle arthritis is a fairly common condition that occurs when the articular cartilage on the tibia and/or talus bones wears away. It most commonly occurs as a result of trauma (fractures or sprains), primary degenerative arthritis, or from an inflammatory condition such as rheumatoid...

New Surgical Technique Treats Lateral Hip Pain

Lateral hip pain affects up to 20 percent of people over the age of 65. Historically this pain has been attributed to a specific type of bursitis called greater trochanter bursitis. However, in 1997 Dr. T.D. Bunker published an article entitled “Rotator cuff tear of the hip” in which Bunker...