Future of Health Care

New Law Broadens Authority of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Reacting to the current and predicted increased shortage of primary care physicians, the Ohio General Assembly enacted House Bill 216, signed by Governor Kasich on January 4, 2017, and effective April 7, 2017.

The new law modifies Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 4723 (Ohio’s Nurse Practice...

2016 Election Update Part Two*: The Rise and Fall of The American Health Care Act of 2017

On March 20, 2017, Republicans proposed the American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA). The bill focused on reallocating funding to reduce healthcare costs for patients. The major proposals included:

Repealing the penalties associated with the individual and large employer mandates for minimum...

Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Law Progresses, but Are Physicians Willing to Recommend?

In the face of Ohio’s opioid epidemic that leads the nation in fatal heroin overdoses — an ironic byproduct of addiction to prescription painkillers — does medical marijuana provide a viable alternative for physicians to manage intractable pain and other Qualifying Medical Conditions? The issue...

Unity Health Network Continues to Expand

The largest independent medical group in Northeast Ohio is still growing strong — in physician members and clinical sites. Built around a primary care core, Unity Health Network currently includes more than 130 providers at over 33 locations in four counties: Summit, Stark, Medina and Portage....

Doctors Join Forces to Remain Independent

“America’s doctors are facing an epidemic.” That’s the headline on the Association of Independent Physicians’ website. Their statistics confirm this: In 2000, well over half (57 percent) of all physicians in the United States worked for themselves. Now, that number (36 percent) is closer to one in three.

Heng Wang, MD, PhD: Translating Genomic Medicine

Born and raised in China, Heng Wang, MD, PhD, never imagined he would become involved with the health care of an Amish community halfway around the world.

Aris Teleradiology: Hybrid Solutions for Hospitals

“Aris was the brainchild of an Akron area healthcare system president who needed a deeper bench of radiologists during nights, weekends and peak workflow periods, to meet the needs of a growing healthcare system,” says Carl Kozlowski, President/CEO of Aris. “As we grew to meet that partner’s...